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Kyra Beckish as the adorable child she was

Kyra Beckish


Savvy & scrappy
since '99

I’m a recent graduate of Temple University. Along with studying public relations and digital media engagement, I have experience with design tools, user experience tactics and software, web design platforms, and coding.

I believe in change and live by the Shakespeare quote:
“We know what we are but know not what we may be.”
Brands have a current state that is essential to understand and keep consistent. However, times are changing and the world is innovating. I want to understand who you are and build from there.


You’re great. Let’s be better.

Savvy describes the ability to use creativity and ingenuity to get around or solve a problem. There’s something thrilling about being forced to find alternative methods to accomplish a goal. Scrappy describes my path to get where I am. When I realized I wanted to work in industries and learn skills not covered in my major's curriculum, I took online classes, picked up a minor, and self-taught software programs and tools. How I got to where I am is nontraditional, and I'm proud of that.

You don't grow by doing what's easy.

Kyra Beckish in her graduation outfit, stole, and cords sits in front of a garden and smil
I want to have purpose in this world. Working at influential organizations and utilizing my skills to impact others makes me feel like my contributions matter. As long as I wake up with only a little sense of dread about going into work, I’ll know I’m reaching my personal definition of success.
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