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"In Keaton's Lemon Garden"

My first professional opportunity in college was with "In Keaton's Lemon Garden," a film that shot in Minori, Italy. I connected with the project through my coworkers at a part-time job. For the production, I took photos, managed the social profiles, conducted marketing research, and helped on set.

A bright garden with lemon trees


Between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I worked with Flackable, a public relations firm specializing in financial services. Through this position, my writing improved exponentially, I participated in a Request for Proposal process, and I oversaw fellow interns for a project on PowerBi.

The Flackable logo: A blue circle with a white F in the middle

Research for Action

When my internship was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, I stumbled upon an opportunity with Research for Action, a nonprofit executing research in education policy. Working with the graphic designer grew my skills in Adobe programs and I learned how a nonprofit operates. I loved RFA so much that I stayed around for a year.

The Research for Action logo: orange, yellow, teal, and blue letters R, F, and A


After the in-person internship program was cancelled, the American Association of People with Disabilities coordinated a Disability Advocacy Certificate Program through American University. Over the 10-week session, I met a bunch of remarkable students with disabilities as we talked about the hardships and realities we face every day. It was cathartic and eye-opening.

The AAPD logo: a white circle with blue letters A, A, P, and D


I finally had the opportunity to combine my want to make an impact with my love for UX while working as the User Experience Intern at Bancroft, a nonprofit helping people with disabilities. Over the summer, I assisted the web team with two website rebuilds. Along with those projects, I learned how to use Marketo, updated sites on Wordpress, and conducted UX reviews.

A purple circle with the bancroft logo: a purple, red, blue, and green butterfly with "Bancroft: One world. For everyone." in white text


For my first job post-graduation, I'm an Outpatient Specialties and Recurring Care Trainer at Epic, a healthcare software company. In my role, I communicate with international healthcare professionals and teach them how to use software that optimizes their work. I specialize in oncology, often interacting with clinicians who treat cancer patients.

Epic Logo

PRowl PR

I've been in PRowl Public Relations, Temple's student-run public relations firm, since my freshman year. Now, I run the entire organization as firm director. It is the most challenging but rewarding role I've ever had the pleasure of holding. Thank you to my mentors and peers.

Residential Life

My sophomore year I made the noble (but financially beneficial) choice to be a resident assistant. As difficult as it is, I've met some of my closest friends and learned a lot about empathy and customer service. To answer the big question, yes, I do like being an RA.

PRSSA Bateman

The Bateman competition, ran through PRSSA National, tests students' ability to problem solve by challenging them with a campaign project. In 2021, myself and three other students ran a campaign about incivility in the workplace. It was exhausting, but so much fun.

Temple PRSSA

Temple's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America has been my gateway into the professional world. PRSSA helped form a productive community of future communications practitioners who want each other to succeed. I was the Director of Community Service my sophomore year.

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